Well … Hello

It’s been a while … quite a while. I’m thinking of changing this old blog up into something new … or perhaps eliminating it … not sure yet. I have plenty of projects so I will probably take my time deciding.

Meanwhile … you can find my photos elsewhere …

On instagram: @VivaGirlCo and @VeraGavrilovicPhotography for starters

On flickr …  VivaGirlCo (daily photos)

Prints etc. available at:  VGTography.com

Also VivaGirlCo.com 

OK.  Hope everyone is having a safe yet fun day.  Until next time!


Vintage Meets Modern


I enjoyed combining one of my images of an old/vintage arrow sign with bold colors and shapes … Hope you enjoy them as well!  Here’s one:

 (© Vera Gavrilovic)

There are other versions at:

Vintage Meets Modern @ VGtography.com

Also the same images are available as prints, framed prints, canvases, and other fun home decor items in my Society6 shop … Here’s a link to the S6 prints (you should find the other items/products by using the S6 left-hand menu.  Choose New (and you can sort by dept. or item).

VivaGirlCo Society6 Shop

Thanks!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!



Hey Everyone!

I have a new website … https://vivagirlco.com/ … feel free to check it out!

Oh, let’s get back to VivaGirlCoBlog.com.  I started this blog on April 7, 2011 … always featuring a photo each day … it has been fun for me and hopefully you may have had time to look at a photo or two … throughout the last 7 years …

You may not know this, but I also feature a new photo every day on … flickr – vera-vivagirlco and often post on Instagram  as well … and here’s Another Instagram Account.

This blog will be going through a change … and it will happen on … April 7, 2018 … from “photo-a-day” format to an occasional blog post format …