Auto Parts – Green Machine!


Now available in my Society6 shop:

… Auto Parts! – Green Machine …

(shown on indoor Throw Pillows)

I have a set of these three pillows on my sofa (or do you prefer couch) and it really is fun!  The images are very vibrant!  These pillows are super fluffy and fabric is durable. Hope you take it for a spin yourself!

Pillows? This is just one option.  There’s a bunch of other products you can purchase with these (and other) images in my shop including Wall Art, Tote Bags, Home Accessories and … more.

To go directly to each image in my shop … just click on the images you like below … or just go to

Another option is the center pillow is also available as rectangular shaped:

Here’s a mockup to give an idea how the three would look with the rectangular center pillow:

OK!  Enough pillow talk!  (haha!)  Thanks!


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Seeing Stars … Motel


Those of you who know me have figured out I have a thing for stars … so it is no surprise that this sign is one of my favorites.  Vintage Sign Lovers and Chicagoans know that it has since been removed from its location  …

and now lives on in these images.

The sign artwork is based on one of my photographs of The Stars Motel (I have other color variations available):

Vintage Sign Art by Vera Gavrilovic - VivaGirlCo (Vera Gavrilovic)

Link to above image and other color variations available:  Seeing Stars … Motel (at

Also available as wall art and other fun products at my Society6 shop:

and my RedBubble shop

Vintage Meets Modern


I enjoyed combining one of my images of an old/vintage arrow sign with bold colors and shapes … Hope you enjoy them as well!  Here’s one:

 (© Vera Gavrilovic)

There are other versions at:

Vintage Meets Modern @

Also the same images are available as prints, framed prints, canvases, and other fun home decor items in my Society6 shop … Here’s a link to the S6 prints (you should find the other items/products by using the S6 left-hand menu.  Choose New (and you can sort by dept. or item).

VivaGirlCo Society6 Shop

Thanks!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Lakefront Goal

 (Vera Gavrilovic)

The first of a new series I am working … Black & White and Color … this one is called “Lakefront Goal” …

To purchase as a print/canvas at my photography site: – LakeFront Goal

If you prefer Society6, I have this version along with slight variations …