Auto Parts – Green Machine!


Now available in my Society6 shop:

… Auto Parts! – Green Machine …

(shown on indoor Throw Pillows)

I have a set of these three pillows on my sofa (or do you prefer couch) and it really is fun!  The images are very vibrant!  These pillows are super fluffy and fabric is durable. Hope you take it for a spin yourself!

Pillows? This is just one option.  There’s a bunch of other products you can purchase with these (and other) images in my shop including Wall Art, Tote Bags, Home Accessories and … more.

To go directly to each image in my shop … just click on the images you like below … or just go to

Another option is the center pillow is also available as rectangular shaped:

Here’s a mockup to give an idea how the three would look with the rectangular center pillow:

OK!  Enough pillow talk!  (haha!)  Thanks!


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